Notice of NZ Annual General Meeting No 2

Notice is hereby given that the Second Annual General Meeting of

Association for Learning Environments NZ

will be held at ASC Architects
17 Maidstone Street, Ponsonby

on Thursday 24 November 2016 at 2pm

Please submit all matters for General Business no later than COB Monday 4 November, 2016

Note that only matters previously submitted for the Agenda will be dealth with at the AGM. 


a)    Confirmation of the Minutes of first AGM held on Tuesday 5 November 2015 at Jasmax, 2 Marston Street, Parnell, Auckland.

b)    Receipt and Adoption of Reports

c)    Receipt and Adoption of the Accounts for the period ending 30 June 2016

d)    Election for the General Committee Members for 2017

e)    General Business


All members are entitled to be present at the venue and vote at the Annual General Meeting.


Any member entitled to vote may appoint another member to vote as Proxy

A proxy form is to be completed by the member and emailed to A4LE NZ Chapter Administrator by Friday 4 November 2016

Each 2017 committee candidate nomination will be proposed in writing on the appropriate form by at least three members, together with the nominee's written consent.
Nomination forms are to be completed by members and emailed to the A4LE NZ Administrator by Monday 4th November 2016.
The A4LE New Zealand administrator can assist with information and additional signatures required to complete nomination forms.

This page last updated: Wednesday 12 October 2016