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Published: Tuesday 26 April 2016

Our friends in NZ have advised us of a MOOC - a free, open online course, deliberately designed to develop participant's ability to "discuss education futures in deeper, more complex ways, whilst taking on a more active, informed role in experimenting with future focussed change."  The course went live on Monday 25 April, however it runs for eleven weeks and covers the following:

"You can’t think outside the box until you know what the box is. We will start by defining the box, and then move on to thinking outside it. This means that in the first three weeks of this course, we will dig into the history of education so that we can better understand why things might need to be drastically different. From weeks four to seven we will make sense of just how the world is changing. We will look at technology, knowledge, climate change and futures literature to inform our thinking of just how and why schools might need to be radically different in the future. From week eight onwards, we will reimagine school, and start to experiment together using a range of interesting strategies. Finally, week eleven draws to a close with a last reflection to make sure we capture, and make sense of the enormous journey that we have been on together."

More information about the course can be found at www.edchatNZ.com/MOOC

Please direct any questions regarding this course to: 

Danielle Myburgh

E-Learning Specialist Classroom Teacher  | Learning Community Leader  | #edchatNZ founder