Brisbane Boys College, QLD Chapter event presentation

Published: Wednesday 18 November 2015

The Brisbane Boys’ College Middle School Precinct (MSP) exemplifies 21st century classroom design, learning practices and pedagogies. Recently over 90 people attended this exciting QLD Chapter event.

The building has been designed around three main principles - community of learners, flexible pedagogy and sustainable place. This development finalises the articulation of three school communities (junior, middle and senior) and provides a cohesive link between these through a central college heart.  Importantly, these developments overlay 21st educational practices and tools, flexible design principles and an integrated pastoral care model, resulting in a K-12 educational facility without equal.

The building has been designed to be flexible in all areas, with every space having more than one use.  Minimal fixed joinery and furniture has be used, so teachers and students are not locked into any one way of working.  Technology is also ubiquitous and flexible – gone are the days of a solely didactic classroom where a teacher stands in one place delivering a PowerPoint at the students.  Outdoor teaching spaces on each level also encourage flexible and relevant formal and informal learning opportunities for students. 

These spaces have also been part of a longitudinal research project by Hamilton Wilson, Managing Director, Wilson Architects and Adjunct Professor, School of Architecture, University of Queensland and Matthew O’Brien, Head of Strategic Planning, Brisbane Boys' College. The outcomes to date were summarised as part of the presentation.

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