2018 Mayfield Project particpants announced

Published: Monday 26 March 2018

One of LEA’s most successful programs, The Mayfield Project, is back for our 18th conference, The 3 Rs in the Exponential Age.

11 young Australasian learning environment professionals will explore an idea from The 3 Rs keynote Pasi Sahlberg: what’s the right goal for education?

In researching this idea, the 2018 Mayfielders will develop prototypes of change. Collaborating with real schools in need of reinvigoration, the Mayfielders will work to achieve individual school goals, designing reinvigorated spaces with a focus on creativity, problem finding, student-centred learning and individualised measures of success.

Since it began in 2006, The Mayfield Project has given young professionals in the fields of design, education, planning and policy, the opportunities to research and react to current issues in learning environments.

As well as showcasing the talents of participants, the Project allows them to create a like-minded network of supportive peers.

The participants will present their research at The 3 Rs in Sydney at 1045AM on Monday 28 May.

Congratulations to the 2018 Mayfield Project participants:

New Zealand
Averil Moore Architectural Graduate, JASMAX
Greg Irvine School Property Advisor, Ministry of Education

South Australia
Michelle Male Architect, JPE Design Studio

Rebecca McDonald Landscape Architect, Greenedge Design Consultants
Joshua Pacek Teacher / Innovation & Learning Design Leader, Bethany Lutheran Primary School

Kath Giordamnis Resource Analyst, Department of Education and Training
Amy Fitzpatrick Architect, ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects

New South Wales
Kasia Podrygajlo JDH Architects
Hayley Russell, Department of Education (Futures Learning Unit)

Western Australia
Alex Raynes-Goldie Senior Policy Officer Building Management and Works, Department of Finance
Sean O’Dea Architect, Broderick Architects