2022 Awards now open!

Published: Monday 17 January 2022

As a leader in the field of educational facilities, Learning Environments Australasia (LEA) invites you to make submissions for the 2022 Learning Environments Australasia Awards. 

These Awards are open to registered LEA members whose educational facilitiesprojects demonstrate excellence in the planning and design of educational facilities across the Australasia region.

The core mission of the awards is to celebrate excellent learning spaces where innovative architectural ideas support the education philosophy.

The Award winners will be announced on Thursday 9 June, 2022 at the 2022 LEA Conference Dinner in Adelaide, in the following 8 categories:

Category 1: New Construction / Entire New Educational Facility. This category applies to construction of an entire new school or educational institution.

Category 2: New Construction / New Individual Facility(ies) Over $8 Million (AU) This category applies to a new building or new buildings in an existing school or campus.

Category 3: New Construction / New Individual Facility(ies) Under $8 Million (AU).  This category applies to a new building or new buildings in an existing school or campus.

Category 4: Renovation / Modernisation Over $5 Million (AU)

Category 5: Renovation / Modernisation Under $5 Million (AU)

Category 6: Small Project Under $2 Million (AU). May be a new building or renovation, must be a learning environment.

Category 7: Landscaping/Outdoor Learning Area.  Designed to showcase outdoor learning environments targeted to improving educational outcomes. 

Category 8: An Innovative Education Initiative. Designed to showcase significant contributions to learning environments by schools, educators, students, designers, community organisations etc. Education Initiative must have been delivered to students for at least 6 months, since before 1st September, 2020. 

All entries must have been occupied for at least 6 months (that is: before1st  October, 2021) and construction completed within the last 3 years to qualify for entry.

To find out more or to enter your project, please click here: https://learningenvironments.wildapricot.org/event-4582655

Image: Lepperton School, Robertson Hidzir Architects (formerly Robertson Architecture Design). Photographer: Paul McCredie