Accepting Applications Now - An Online Advanced Certificate Program in Educational Facility Planning

Published: Tuesday 28 February 2012

This 12-credit certificate program is comprised of six two-unit courses that earn graduate level credit. The certificate is issued by San Diego State University and fulfills the requirements for achieving the Recognized Educational Facility Professional (REFP) designation of the Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI).

Learn from the best and most experienced practitioners in the world how to plan, design, build, and maintain learner-centered educational environments, while interacting and networking with a select group of educational facility professionals around the globe.

Connecting all stakeholders involved in the educational facility, this fully electronic program focuses on the student, beginning with a course on learner needs and styles and culminating in facility assessment. While other courses address one phase of the capital project, the complete program emphasizes a collaborative process that authentically engages all stakeholders so that the facility serves the students, staff, and community while providing a healthy and safe environment for all.

And, you complete all your coursework online from wherever you are. Currently, certificate program students represent 31 states, Canada, Australia and Peru.

To learn more about the program and to reserve your seat in the 2012-13 class, please visit:

Space is limited to 25 enthusiastic professionals dedicated to improving the places children learn!