August 2013 CEFPI Council Update

Published: Wednesday 14 August 2013

Finance News

John Sewell advised his term as Regional Treasurer will cease with the elections at the AGM in November 2014. It has been recommended that the CEFPI Executive consider the idea of appointing an Assistant Treasurer responsible for the conferences and a Head Treasurer – responsible for general CEFPI business. The head Treasurer will need to be found from present CEFPI Council/Chapter candidates. Although John will be a hard act to follow we are hoping we find a successful candidate.

Research and Tertiary Links
An extensive Post Occupancy Education survey for BER projects has been developed and this survey has been distributed to 140 schools. To date there have been 52 responses to the Survey. It was agreed the survey closing date needs to extend until the 31st of October.

Tanzania Trip – Philip Idle
Philip Idle shared information about the amazing Tanzania Journey and the impact it could potentially have on CEFPI Australasia. Please find below a brief account. There will more information available on the CEFPI website.

The Tanzania trip grew out of the Mayfield Project in 2012 which focused on the theme, 'Schools as Sanctuaries of Hope'. The team from Western Australia developed their topic of assessing responses to economic hardships by focusing on how partnerships can be developed to assist communities in establishing learning facilities. This led to the 'Learning Village' concept which promoted a structure and process for working with communities to assess and provide educational facilities for the whole community.

The proposal put to CEFPI was to develop a program of HOPE - Humanitarian Opportunities and Partnerships in Education. This concept was approved in principle by the Region Council and the challenge was there to look at ways of developing the concept.

An opportunity arose to build on a community service partnership Scotch College and the Presbyterian Ladies College in Perth had established over the last 9 years with the village of Matipwili in Tanzania. Through the Director of Community Service at Scotch, Bill Cordner, who also was a participant on the Mayfield Project team from WA.

Architects from Adelaide and Perth lead by Philip Idle (from EIW Architects in WA and CEFPI member) joined with teachers from Scotch College, St Stephen's School and Churchlands Primary to spend 3 days working in the village of Matipwili. Bill, introduced the team to the Village Council as relationships were re-established, new friendships made and design work undertaken.

The group identified a design brief to include mechanics, carpentry, joinery, tailoring/dressmaking and weaving/mat making. A breakthrough moment came in discussions over improving the conditions for the women in the village by suggesting a laundry facility to avoid the long trek to the Wami River everyday. The use of sustainable design ideas in solar powered pumping of water to serve the new facility, harvesting rainwater during the wet season for storage and empowering the women's time together became a pivotal moment. A community kitchen is also to be included which will double as an area for the school students from Matipwili Primary School to use as a canteen. These ideas built on discussions with the village council

The CEFPI HOPE team visited another 5 schools across Tanzania to appreciate the scope of education opportunities, from the International School Moshi to a small village school on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro, through to two secondary schools in Dar Es Salaam and St Jude's School in Arusha established and supported by Australian donors.

Watch this space as more information becomes available from this amazing journey.

Deb O'Riley

Regional Secretary