Project Insights: Grandschools : An Intergenerational learning and living campus : A new Model for Healthy Senior Living and Intergenerational Communities.

Learning Environments Queensland is an industry partner of a tertiary research project being run by QUT, ACU, Western Sydney University, and Fulton Trotter Architects, funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

The study has attracted $1,100,000 in federal government funding and is taking place over 5 years.

The central concept of the study is a proposition of the integration of secondary schooling and senior living physical environments, in order to promote inclusivity, and active intergenerational  living and learning.

All with a goal of increasing the psychological health and wellbeing of both our youth and the elderly.

The project includes work by 10 chief researchers from the above universities and architectural practice, as well as 4 PhD studies in the fields of architecture, property economics, social enterprise and fitness.

The project is also supported by industry partners from the educational, senior living, and architectural  fields, as well as LEQ, and AAFIE.

These bodies are actively engaged in the research using their knowledge of their own operations in the field. 

Learning Environment Australasia’s members are encouraged to participate in the research through various formats of industry interaction. 

To date the research has focussed on the study of existing industry practices and attitudes toward the new premise.

20 interviews with leading figures in Education and Senior Living fields from Australia, the UK, and USA have been conducted investigating current intergenerational practices, attitudes to the premise of Grandschools, and the risks and opportunities they present.

This followed 2 seminars of 50 experts examining the ideas in a similar fashion.

Interestingly, the majority of seminar participants and interviewees have enthusiastically embraced the notion of Grandschools, and while acknowledging there are hurdles to be faced, the idea has real potential to come to fruition.

All have acknowledged the high potential for such developments to make a real difference to both senior living residents, school students, and the wider community.

In effect,  the idea has potential with government and industry support, and the necessary funding and policy changes important with such initiatives

A further 20 interviews are planned along with 3 more seminars to further reinforce our knowledge of the potential of the Grandschools premise.

An industry wide survey will help gather important data to support the interviews and seminars.

In due course, we are looking for pilot projects that implement the idea on a small scale either in full or in part, to test our assumptions and research findings, before the idea moves on to an appropriate group initiating a full Grandschool.

The research intends to finish with the development of a decision support tool to help future advocates to test potential developments in rural, regional , and urban environments.

If you would like to actively participate our contact points are: 

Professor Marissa Lindquist :

Adj Professor Mark Trotter :

Research manager Aso Hajirasouli :


This page last updated: Tuesday 29 March 2022