Matipwili Trade Training Centre Underway

Published: Sunday 15 June 2014

The Tanzanian HOPE Project has commenced construction with the digging of the rainwater tank by the villagers. This is in preparation for the contractors forming the tank in reinforced concrete and the pouring of footings and ground slab. The fabrication of the molds for the pouring of the rammed earth blocks has also been completed in Tanzania with these being transported to the village in the next week. Students and staff from Scotch College and PLC in Perth have been busily making last minute preparations for their trip in two weeks time. A weekend session was conducted focusing on block laying, rammed earth block making and some basic carpentry skills. WA Chapter Chair, Alec O’Connell, will be participating in the time in Matipwili with the students and will provide updates as the exciting work proceeds.

A big thank you to everyone’s generous support as part of the Region Conference in Adelaide. We raised over $1600 during the 3 days which has contributed to the total fund raising effort which now sits at more than $40,000.

Photos courtesy of Bori Amri Bori in Matipwili and Scotch College and PLC Perth.