New membership categories approved

Published: Sunday 15 June 2014

At the Special General Meeting held in Adelaide on 26th May at 8am, members voted to adopt  three new membership categories into the CEFPI Australasia Constitution.

These categories include, Education Small, (under 400 students);  Education Large (over 400 students) and Retired.

CEFPI Australasia is keen to make membership more attractive to the educational sector and also recognises and values long term members who move out of the workforce, yet are keen to remain involved with CEFPI.

Fees and category explanations are as follows:

Educational Small

This category is available to Primary Schools or other small Educational Institutions with less than 400 students.

Bundle – up to 2 members $300 AUD + GST per annum. Additional members $150 AUD each + GST

Educational Large

Available to Education Institutions with over 400 students

Bundle – up to 3 members $400 AUD plus GST per annum. Additional members$150 AUD each + GST


Available to members who have retired and are no longer working including those who will be unemployed or on carers/maternity/paternity leave for the full annual membership period.

$75 AUD + GST

Fees and priviledges for Individual, Group and Student membership remains unchanged.

Members are invited to select a 'new' category of membership before 30 June, otherwise existing membership category will be invoiced. 

Annual membership renewal is due now and all members will receive emails advising they need to renew by logging onto the database with their email address. Members are also reminded to  update their privacy details, if they haven't already done this. Visit 

For further information about membership or the database contact Helen at