New Teacher Transition Survey from the ILETC Project

Published: Tuesday 7 May 2019

The ILETC Project is keen to hear the thoughts of Australian educators about their transition from traditional learning spaces into more innovative learning environments.

Complete the survey here

The survey ask about the types of spaces educators have worked in, the impact of physical spaces on their teaching and what is important in supporting them transitioning from traditional to more innovative spaces.

This survey will help to inform subsequent policy, pedagogical and practical implications on school design and teacher professional development. The data will also help the project develop resources for teachers to effectively use learning spaces in schools to affect student learning.

If you have any questions abut the survey, please email Joann Cattlin at the ILETC Project.

Don't forget to visit the ILETC Project's Publications page for all the handy fact sheets, reports, presentations, articles and books produced by the Project to date.

Learning Environments Australasia is a proud funding partner of the ILETC Project


Photo: Seymour College Yurrebilla Centre, South Australia by Leon Schoots Photography