Tanzania Project 2015 - exciting opportunity

Published: Friday 5 December 2014

An exciting opportunity for CEFPI members and colleagues is announced for July 2015.

Following on from the Mayfield Project initiative in 2012 and the HOPE visit in July 2013, construction is underway in Matipwili, Tanzania of a new Trade Training Centre. With support from the Australian Government, CEFPI, Scotch College (Perth) and PLC (Perth), the project has proceeded to the installation of the in-ground rainwater tank, rammed earth blocks and some preliminary work for the laying of the floor slab in the next month.

As part of the ongoing partnership between the village and the supporters listed, a week long visit is being planned for July 2015 to be involved in
• assisting with the ongoing construction of the Trade Training Centre
• providing support and learning activities for the local teachers
• establishing links with neighbouring village/s to pursue an expansion of the program in providing planning, design and construction opportunities
• enabling the establishment of meaningful links between the local region and other interested schools and colleges internationally

An information booklet can be downloaded which outlines the history of the ongoing partnership and potential costs (ex Perth) for the trip next year. We are looking for enthusiastic and passionate architects, teachers, suppliers and administrators who are willing to give of their time and money to be part of reaching out in this region of Tanzania and building on the amazing work already achieved. The timeframe is aligning with school holidays to enable schools and/or teachers to be involved and the programme includes some options for expanding the trip to enjoy the natural beauty of Tanzania's wildlife and the rich heritage of Zanzibar.

If this appeals to you, your company or school, we would love to hear from you. Please send your inquiry and expression of interest to Chloe Summers at chloe@eiwarch.com.au