The ILETC Project releases Phase One report on innovative learning environments

Published: Tuesday 26 June 2018

The Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change Project (aka The ILETC Project) has released its Phase One report.

It's an accessible and practical explanation of the research undertaken over 18 months investigating how physical classroom space impacts learning, and how best to support teachers in making the most of school spaces.

Page 9 of the report PDF will be of particular interest to LEA members. It features a proposed pathway to assist schools in planning and implementing innovative learning environments.?

This pathway will be developed and tested to become a resource that supports the building of spatial learning capacity in schools. It will provide robust, confidence-building evidence of what works.

Learning Environments Australasia is a proud funding partner of the ILETC Project. LEA highly recommends this report to members and anyone interested in innovating and improving learning environments.