A Dynamic “Maker” Centre for Creative Learning

Published: Friday 12 April 2019

Stimulating children’s learning though “hands on” activities is the core of the STEM centre at Brompton Primary School. 

Strong leadership, an inspirational teacher, defined pedagogy, clear learning outcomes, and a supportive community made it much easier for Russell and Yelland Architects to develop and discuss ideas to transform a BER library into a dynamic STEM activity centre.

The architects and school leaders shared skills to design the centre which includes Lego doors, slat walls, peg boards and open shelving so everything is visible and accessible. 

Natural timber and linoleum floor surfaces, natural light and ready access to outdoor areas enhance the “Maker” workspaces which foster creativity and provide flexibility to move things around to enhance the learning experience.

The concept of the environment as the third teacher in which children explore ideas, investigate theories, and interact with others in play is supported by pedagogy and by the practical tools needed – so scissors, saws, screwdrivers, glue guns and hammers abound. 

The children have already disassembled a microwave, created 3D models and make creative use of commercial products including Lego and Minecraft kits.  Plans are in place to use LegoMindstorms with iPads and to acquire more items for investigation.

A strong community with vision helps deliver successful outcomes.  At Brompton Primary, work proceeded quickly, and it was the first completed project of the major S.T.E.M. capital works program.  Design commenced in September 2017 and the building was hand over in March 2018.

Article: Ann Gorey

Photos: SA Department for Education

Floor plan: Russell and Yelland