SA Chapter News September 2015

This year’s focus on pedagogy and architecture and on research and design has led to an increase in the number of people attending local events and the annual conference in Canberra.

 Ongoing meetings have been held by the Pedagogy and Architecture group led by Andrew Tidswell, and also with Carla Rinaldi who first came to Adelaide as a “thinker in residence’ and led the group discussions about the importance of early learning, the child as a learner and the Reggio Emilio approach to learning.

The next site visit is to Immanuel College where the Principal, Kevin Richardson, will outline the design philosophy leading to the creation of the Margaret  Ames Centre,  an award winning building designed by Swanbury Penglase Architects.

A previous site visit to the newly established Torrens University building provided an excellent opportunity to meet with a wide range of educators and to engage in discussion about children’s learning and the places in which they learn.  This event was led by Ana Sala-Oviedo from New Learning Environments. Ana is involved in ongoing research projects as a student and a leader.

Further research information

A recent annual event held in South Australia was the Oliphant Science Awards which concluded with an open day to display the entries and winners which showed that creative arts are part of science and technology.

Edutopia, the George Lucas sponsored web site continues to provide interesting information about classroom management, children’s involvement in building design and ways in which technology can be used to enhance and complement student learning.

Edutopia News

The OECD continues to undertake research and investigations and releases new publications on learning, pedagogy and international standards.

Ann Gorey

SA Chapter


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