Published: Sunday 5 July 2015

At our recent event "Pedagogy and Architecture" which we shared with a wide range of educators, a clear message was that children's play and learning and the learning environments in which these take place have become so risk adverse that they are boring.

Another message being promulgated by politicians and education commentators is that the curriculum must focus on science technology engineering and maths (STEM) as the essential skills for 21st C learning.

Edutopia News July 2015 (George Lucas Educational Foundation) has come out with a very interesting presentation which acknowledges STEM but adds in the creative arts so it becomes STEAM. The video clips show how creative, exciting and adventurous learning could be if learning was allowed to be "risky and frisky". It is worth watching to stimulate thinking about new ways to encourage creative learning.

Edutopia News http://www.edutopia.org/stem-to-steam-resources


Ann Gorey

SA Chapter