Visit to the Jeffrey Smart Building, University of South Australia

Published: Thursday 26 November 2015

Jeffrey Smart , a South Australian who originally wanted to be an architect became an artist who relocated to Italy, and provided outstanding works of art for more than fifty years, so it is appropriate that this stimulating and aesthetically pleasing building has been named after him.

On 4th November 2015 seventy (70) people came to Uni SA to see the modern, integrated services centre housed in the Jeffrey Smart Building which won three major awards in 2015. It opened in 2014 to includes a wide range of services:
• Library (the modern kind)
• Learning and Teaching Unit (including counselling and career services),
• Campus Central (Student and Academic Services),
• ISTS (Information Services and Technology),
• Student Ombudsman and FM Assist (Security and Campus Operations).

In keeping with current approaches, the "Library" provides on-line access to information, a selected range of hard copy books and magazines, large and small meeting places, integrated work spaces and places for individual study.

The flexible spaces are filled with light due to the clever design of the building. The soft furnishings are adaptable and appropriate to the purpose of the spaces and used effectively by a wide range of students who can access the building 24/7 through the use of a swipe card for late night use.

Most areas allow for conversation and for food and drinks to be consumed while the students are working or meeting.

Specific areas have been set up for meetings, lectures, presentations and entertainment including the outdoor cinema where movies can be viewed from a wide range of internal or external areas.

The lawns are a social meeting place and the jacaranda brought in from interstate has survived its interstate relocation and has begun flowering.

Congratulations to the architects: John Wardle and Associates in conjunction with Phillips Pilkington Architects and Hindmarsh Construction.

Thanks to Susan Phillips and to Rebecca Lawson-Cooke, Senior Project Manager - Major Projects, Uni SA for their presentations, and our sponsors Ontera, Wallbridge & Gilbert and Workspace.


Ann Gorey

Photographer - Sam Noonan