Bendigo Regional Tour

Published: Wednesday 30 March 2016

Montagne Centre, Marist College and Bendigo Senior Secondary College

At the Bendigo Regional Tour held in March 2016, we were treated to a trip through the past, present and future of education. As with any journey through time, we start at the end and work our way back to the future. As the day ended, LEA members toured the Ulumbarra Theatre at Bendigo Senior Secondary College. This addition and refurbishment by Y2 Architecture has transformed the historical Bendigo Gaol into a modern theatre and convention centre. What was once a place for the re-education of prisoners is now a source of civic engagement and provides learning opportunities for the College.

In the middle of the day, we toured the Bendigo Senior Secondary College Language Centre. The Centre was built as part of the Building the Education Revolution government initiative. Though founded on contemporary pedagogy, the building already felt dated in its approach. Maybe this was because the flexible space's sliding doors were closed transforming an otherwise open space into a series of traditional classrooms. After a lunch break, Associate Professor Craig Deed and Dr Scott Alternator from LaTrobe University presented their research into learning spaces in the Bendigo Region. This included research into the flexible learning spaces at Bendigo Senior Secondary College.

Marist College Principal Darren McGregor began the day by explaining how the design of their Montagne Centre was influenced by the school's teaching philosophy. The main learning areas provide multi-modal spaces for entire grade level, full class, small collaborative and focused learning opportunities. As designed by Y2 Architecture, the Montagne Centre College represents what designers and educators have been discussing as the future of education space. And, it's built.

As Hamish McGlashan from Trinity Grammar summed up, it was LEA's "best single day event."

The Montagne Centre, Marist College was the 2015 Winner in the Victoria Chapter New Construction / New Individual Facility category.

Architects: Y2 Architecture for the Montagne Centre at Marist College Ulumbarra Theatre at Bendigo Senior Secondary College