"Learning Furniture" Workshop Video

Published: Wednesday 2 May 2012

We now have on sale an excellent Workshop Video entitled “Learning Furniture” – how to use learning experiences to define learning spaces….the guide to read before you buy your furniture!

The video has been produced by the Victorian Chapter after their very successful “Stuff-It Forum” held in February 2010. Building upon the forum’s objectives to address the issues surrounding furnishing of schools, the video has been developed in association with leading educators and designers to assist anyone engaged in the delivery of contemporary learning settings.

The DVD provides an interactive workshop style format to define learning experiences and should help both designers and schools alike to make more informed decisions on fitting-out their buildings. The DVD also contains a Facilitator’s Guide and associated drawing collateral in PDF format to aid the design process.

Available now at a cost of $55 for CEFPI members and $70 for non-members including all postage and handling. (Cheque payment only and made payable to “CEFPI – Victorian Chapter”).