Belmont City College Hospitality Trade Training Centre awarded at the Australian Institute of Architects WA Chapter 2012 Architecture Awards

Published: Friday 14 September 2012

The Belmont City College Hospitality Trade Training Centre by Gresley Abas received a Public Architecture – Architecture Award. 

The design approach for the project is focused on providing an effective operational environment for the delivery of Hospitality training packages. The facilities are laid out to accommodate skills training style classes, with a demonstration bench facing work areas that accommodate up to 16 students in a class. The facilities also accommodate A La Carte training and service which interfaces with a restaurant environment.

Primarily the intention was to create a functional and comfortable facility that also provided engaging, flexible spaces that energise students, teachers and the community. A series of folded pale green ceiling planes allow an abundance of natural light, while a glazed perimeter frees the roof volume from the walls creating a sense of lightness for the students, teachers and patrons inside.

Externally, insitu concrete planter boxes for a future produce garden aspire to connect students with the elemental aspects of food. They also promote positive exchanges between patrons of the restaurant and students emerging from the kitchen to collect items such as herbs, tomatoes or fruits.

The articulation of simple qualities of space and light have aspired to create positive teaching and learning spaces that are open, communicative and connected.