CEFPI WA to offer Student Scholarship for Regional Conference

Published: Sunday 15 March 2015

The aim of the CEFPI WA student scholarship is to support a student of architecture, education or facilities management to further research in educational facility planning by offering financial support to attend the annual regional conference. The conference offers access to presentations and seminars, site visits, and networking opportunities. The topics range from design and planning of learning spaces to pedagogy and space to the role of technology. 

This year the conference is being held in Canberra from 24 May – 27 May 2015 with the following overarching theme of MEETING PLACES : LEARNING SPACES.

Delegates will be engaging with Canberra's National Institutions and local Educational Facilities to explore the learning environments they provide. We will also explore the linkages, opportunities and possibilities of partnerships between the National Institutions, Universities and Schools.

Additional information can be found at http://meetingplaces.cefpi.org.au/

The Student Scholarship is to provide allowance for the following, up to the value of $1500
• Conference registration – student ($360)
• Accommodation
• Travel
• Student membership to CEFPI ($50)

Applicants are required to demonstrate the connection of their research to the activities of CEFPI and the anticipated benefit of the conference opportunities.

Summary of Proposed Research, (2 A4 pages only)
• Project Title:
• Abstract: provide a half page explanation of the research in plain English
• Objectives: provide a clearly defined statement of the objectives of the research
• Background: provide the background to the proposed research program include literature review
• Significance: describe the significance of the proposed research
• Estimated timeframe for completion of research project

Upon return from conference, student is provide a 300-500 word article (and images) on the conference for posting on CEFPI WA website. Upon completion of research project, the researcher is to present the research project and findings at a CEFPI WA event.

APPLICATIONS to be submitted Friday 24 April by email to viridis@aapt.net.au