Year 7 Integration Program into Government Secondary Schools

Published: Monday 29 June 2015

On 28 April, CEFPI in conjunction with Department of Building Management and Works hosted a presentation of 21 of the completed Year 7 integration building projects across the state. The roll out was part of the state governments $229.6M plan for the integration of year 7 into high schools which included 31 major projects across 29 high schools. The program included minor refurbishment and transportable projects at a further 17 schools.

21 Architects presented their projects in a succinct 5 minute time frame over 8 slides which identified the key elements of the project and the public art integration. The presentations allowed CEFPI members to appreciate the diversity of approaches in response to the same Education Department’s guide brief and how it was interpreted and then applied to the different the site and individual school’s requirements. NOTE - these presentations are available to members in the Members-Only Content section of the database

The event was a follow up from a similar CEFPI event held in July 2013 when the same architects presented the earlier schematic designs and approaches. The quality of the architecture in its response to current educational objectives and pedagogies will be critiqued further when a number of these projects are reviewed in the inaugural Education Category of the Australian Institute of Architects Awards held in July.

The remaining year 7 integration projects at Baldivis, Butler, Byford, Halls Head and Willetton Senior High Schools were part of a larger capital works programs and will be presented in October.

Paul Edwards
Chair – Events Committee