Grants Program

What is the CEFPI Research Program and the role of the Research and Tertiary Linkages Sub Committee?

CEFPI is a worldwide organisation sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices in planning, designing and building great learning environments. 

CEFPI Australasia is a community of professionals working together to plan and build better learning environments for students throughout South-east Asia, Australia and the South Pacific. The CEFPI Australasia Research Program is designed to support this vision and is available to Australasian members only.

The role of the Research and Tertiary Linkages Sub Committee (R&TLSC) is to manage the research program, assess grant applications and make recommendations to the CEFPI Council for approval.

The CEFPI Research Program awards grants to members and in partnership with tertiary institutions and agencies. (The program derives its income from annual subscriptions from members.)

What projects are supported?

A range of research projects are eligible including discussion papers, case studies through to academic research projects.

Note: The R&TLSC does not encourage applications for research that in its view falls within the normal operational responsibilities of educational authorities or institutions, or which are more appropriately funded by other research bodies.

Research priorities for the next triennium are:

i)                    Post Occupancy Evaluation;

ii)                   Evaluation of the ‘Ideas Forum’ process and project at Matipwili, Tanzania;

iii)                 Models for educational delivery in developing and undeveloped communities;

iv)                 Learning and space. 

Application process

The R&TLSC invites applications for research projects and funding on the following basis:

i)        The closing date for receipt of applications for the CEFPI Research Program is 30 April of each year.

ii)       Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

iii)     Application forms must be completed and any necessary supporting material provided by the closing date.

How to submit an application

The following material should be submitted:

i)        CEFPI Research Program Grants application form (not to be presented in smaller than 11 point font. References may be in 10 point) and include;

(a)    details of research, aims and methodology – mandatory

(b)   the objectives, benefits and significance of the proposed research should be stated clearly and in detail

(c)    the research design which should be logically sound and suited to the issue under investigation

ii)       Supporting material* should include:

(a)    a literature review (not to exceed three single pages) – mandatory for academic research. The review should be up to date, selective but not necessarily exhaustive. It should convey in a concise manner the applicant’s awareness of the current trends on which he or she proposes to conduct research.

(b)   personal particulars for each applicant and researcher (each CV must consist of no more than two pages) – mandatoryCV Summary Form.

(c)    ethics approval documentation (if applicable)

(d)   written confirmation of support /co-operation from other agencies (if applicable), specifying the nature of the support.

(*Note: Supporting material exceeding this length may not be considered by the Committee.)

iii)     In summary the total application to include:

(a)    application form

(b)   supporting material (up to three pages double-sided)

(c)    personal particulars forms

(d)   CVs for each applicant (up to 2 pages per applicant)

Financial assistance

Applicants should provide a detailed list of all items for which they are seeking support with the cost of GST indicated as a separate item in the proposed budget.


This page last updated: Thursday 17 April 2014