ILETC Research Project

Learning Environments Australasia is a proud funding partner of the ILETC Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change (ILETC) Project. The project is an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project funded for 4 years from 2016-2019 lead by The University of Melbourne. 

The ILETC Project will investigate how teachers can use the untapped potential of Innovative Learning Environments (ILEs) to improve learning outcomes for students. It will identify whether there is a link between quality teaching and effective use of ILEs and develop practical tools to assist teachers to adapt their teaching practices to maximise deeper learning.

It brings together the expertise of leading researchers in education and learning environments and partner organisations in education and learning environment design and technology. Several LEA members are involved in the research project as researchers, participants and advisors.

Find out more about this groundbreaking research in this short video.

Visit the ILETC Project website here.

LEA members receive first access to the IlETC Project reports and updates.

This page last updated: Wednesday 13 December 2017